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Greek Muse, Magnificent Sculpture of a Nude Woman Statue

Greek Muse, Magnificent Sculpture of a Nude Woman Statue

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Discover the sublime sculpture of a nude woman that captures the essence of her feminine splendor in all its magnificence!

Immerse yourself in the majesty of this artwork, an exquisite creation that pays homage to the beauty and grace of women. With each delicately sculpted curve, this sculpture embodies the strength, elegance, and empowerment of femininity.

Every meticulously crafted detail enhances the purity of the forms and reveals the sinuosity of the lines, transporting you to a world where aesthetics and art merge in perfect harmony. Observe how the light gently caresses the contours of the figure, enhancing the sense of life and movement.

This masterpiece, conceived by a talented artist, is a tribute to women in all their splendor. With its captivating presence, it invites contemplation and evokes a deep emotional connection with the viewer. The sculpture transcends the barriers of the physical to reveal the very essence of femininity in its purest and most sublime form.

Come and marvel at this unique creation that celebrates the beauty and power of women. Immerse yourself in the astonishing world of this sculpture and let yourself be carried away by the intensity of its forms and the magnetism of its presence.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness this extraordinary sculpture, an ode to women in their fullest expression!


 Item Descriptions

Maker/Brand Name Unknown




Plaster and Paste


Height: 50"

Length: 15"

Width: 14"

Base: 7" x 14" x 14"

Condition Ranking


Condition Description Sculpture in excellent condition, only with wear typical of its age, and with two slight scratches, one on a fingernail and another on one of the nipples. The details are clearly visible in the photos.

Time Period



Weight 120 lb



 Ranking Table



Like New


Item may show minimal wear but would still be close to mint condition.

Very Fine

Showing moderate evidence of wear.


Item has seen a bit of life, but still very useable; It’s obvious the item has been cherished and used per it’s function, but it has life left and/or could be lightly restored.


Major flaws are evident, and the item may have parts or pieces missing. It would need a major restoration to be useable or a candidate for a repurposing project.

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